Monday, March 4, 2019


''Tell your mother 'I love you more than my own. You are my everything in this world. ' After that, you can do everything successfully''

One day my mother told me a story. There were three characters in the story. Mother, boy, and girlfriend.
One day the girlfriend said to the boy, 'How much do you love me?'
The boy said, 'I love you more than my own. You are my everything in this world. '
The girlfriend said, 'Can you prove?'
The boy said, 'Of course'
Now the girlfriend said, 'Then bring me your mother's heart.
The boy said 'that means?'
The girlfriend said, 'Yes. And for this, you have to kill your mother. '
The boy said 'okay'. And he got out of there.
After some time, she came back to the girlfriend with the mother's bloody heart to the girlfriend.
The girlfriend looked at the boy and said, 'Today, you kill your mother for me. Tomorrow you can kill me for anyone else. You can kill your mother, I do not love you, I hate you. Now leave now. '
The boy ran away from there for the mother's dead body. And started thinking about ‘ what I did?’ The mother who struggled so much for ten months ten days in her womb, the mother who gave me milk of her breast and grew bigger me, the mother who did not eat without myself, that mother kept me so big in her chest, that mother I killed a knife in the chest? What I am doing?
Thinking to think of this, The boy went on the ground and his mother’s heart was knocked out from the hand.
Right from the mother's heart said, Oh! my child?
I would love to tell this story every son who loves the mother and who does not love mother.
Every mother loves her child more than her own life. So at least for the mom, keep the best love in your life for your mother.

Thanks for reading this story everyone


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